Main alloys and their technical datasheets, including reference chemical composition, chemical composition as per internal specifications, mechanical properties, tolerances and technological characteristics.

Name: Brass CW723R
Abbreviation: CW723R
Technical information: The addition of Mn provides better mechanical properties than standard alloys. Its diverse components (CW721R, CW722R and CW720R) provide specific features such as resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, ductility, formability and conductivity. Its low aluminium content provides improved weldability. Its is used because of its forgeability. (funerary art, gates, windows and doors, gears).

Nome: Ottone CW722R
Sigla: CW722R

Name: Brass CW721R
Abbreviation: CW721R

Name: Brass CW720R
Abbreviation: CW720R

Name: Brass CW716R
Abbreviation: CW716R

Name: Brass CW624N
Abbreviation: CW624N
Informazioni Tecniche: Resistente alla corrosione, motivo per cui viene impiegata in svariati ambiti e applicazioni.
Settore dell’edilizia, dell’arredamento e ornamentale (serramenti), nel settore meccanico (minuterie, ingranaggi e valvole) ed elettrico, oltre che nell’automotive.

Name: Brass CW623N
Abbreviation: CW623N

Name: Brass CW617N
Abbreviation: CW617N
Technical information:It is widely used in hot pressing due to its physical properties and high formability. It also has good corrosion resistance. It is used in many different application fields including automotive and building, mechanical components, valves.

Name: Brass CW618N
Abbreviation: CW618N
Technical information:Its properties make it suitable for the production of locks, hinges and various decorations. Especially recommended when bending and annealing are required.

Name: Brass C867 – ASTM
Sigla: C867 – ASTM
Technical information:Its chemical composition provides this alloy with a pinkish nuance and make it particularly bright and shiny, which is why it is preferred in ornamental components. It is used in the production of extruded sections such as handrails, hinges and architectural components.

Name: Brass C797 – ASTM
Abbreviation: C797 – ASTM
Technical information: Hardness as well as hot and cold strength stand out among other properties. It shows excellent performance at high temperatures and exceptional corrosion resistance (salt/acids). It is used in the production of profiles for elevators, hinges, handrails. Due to its colour, this alloy is also used in high-quality window and door finishings.

Name: Brass C385 – ASTM
Abbreviation: C385 – ASTM

Name: Brass C380 – ASTM
Abbreviation: C380 – ASTM

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